sketch - $14 usd
lineart - $22 usd
flats - $26 usd
painted - $40 usd
(simple background is $10 extra)


sketch - $8 usd
lineart - $16 usd
flats - $22 usd
shading - $26 usd
painted - $36 usd


sketch - $10 usd
lineart - $20 usd
flats - $26 usd
shading - $32 usd
painted - $44 usd
(simple backgrounds are an extra $30)


sketch - $20 usd
lineart - $26 usd
flats - $36 usd
shading - $42 usd
painted - $50 usd
(simple backgrounds are an extra $30)
A Special Deal for you!
Below you'll find everything you need to know!
I will require references and descriptions of the character’s personalities and what you would like drawn with them.
Character Rights:
I will be free to share the art I create on my website/social media, but I will not claim ownership to your characters. Credit me if you post my art to a web site ( even if the characters belong to you.
I usually try to get art done within 14 days, but it can take more based on complexity and time restraints. I will send you updates on your projects during that time. If you want a rush on the art, there might be an added fee.
Process details:
If I agree to take on your project, I will send you a sketch for you to approve before I start the lineart. At this time, you can suggest any changes for me to make (up to 3 times). I will share a rough colored version to be approved by you before I start to detail the work. Once the colors are done, I won’t make changes to the art unless they are small (up to 3 times). When your commission is completed, I will upload your commission file(s) to a single folder in google drive and provide you a link.
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